Gone are the days when having a nose job or breast Enhancement was something to be embarrassed about. Although I still know of a couple of ladies in local showbiz who would rather pay the press than to have their big secret come out of the open.

This is not so in the international scene. In fact, it’s in the news, one woman from New Zealand announces that getting a cosmetic surgery should not be a secret, but rather to celebrate over. Interesting eh? But come to think of it, what really is the use of hiding everything when people will notice anyway and besides you have splurged on it then might as well make the announcement.

I personally do not find myself frowning over these kinds of cosmetic surgeries. I just wouldn’t go as far as what Michael Jackson or our local Regine Velasquez did to their faces. There has to be a line where one should know when to stop and not look as horrible as the two. Even vanity should set its balance somewhere.