This is my third night in this hospital. More than 42 hours fever free, but docs (yep, I have at least three) will not clear me for discharge yet because rashes have spread all over my body and they cannot figure out why. I feel I am just wasting my time here when in fact the figuring out of what I am allergic to can be very well done through outpatient sessions.

I can never understand hospital procedures and why only one doc from all the three that I have came today and gave me but a lame excuse for holding off my clearance to be discharged. It bothers me -because first, I feel my hospital bill is just accumulating with every minute of my unnecessary extended stay here. Second, I miss my son so much. Despite my qualms on allowing my son to set foot on a hospital, I permitted my sister to bring him with her today when she came to visit with her hubby. I was just so thrilled! I held him so long I did not want to let go. I thought I would be home tomorrow but since I hear nothing from my docs, there is really no telling. That is why I permitted my sis to have him tag along. I sent him off with prayer that the Lord protect and shield my baby.

My hospital stay would have been far better if wifi was not confined on the ground, fifth and fifteenth floor. I find perplexing. Why those floors alone? Anyway, if I have internet access, I would have probably defeated the very purpose of my stay here by abusing it.

Although I have been hospitalized an average of once a year, I sincerely am not enjoying it. Those countless needles have taken too much blood from my poor thin arms more than enough times to give me atleast a decade off from getting hospitalized again. Friends, please keep me in your prayers. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all.