We finally were able to sneak out to have our V date just before the love month ended. With the hubby and I getting together to a couple of bloggers' events, courtesy of Azrael, we were able to spend a quality "us" time in between those events.
We left the house around 1pm and got back home 10pm. Tiring but fun. We got to meet fellow bloggers who we just rub elbows with only but virutally. Most of them via Plurk. I was more than thrilled to have seen my friend Mhel. I hope to be able to meet them again. :-)

After a whole year of relative abundance, it is this month that we really feel the stress that the recession brings. Aside from the fire insurance we renewed this year, the bulk of our income goes to bills payments from mortgage to utilities. If you would notice as well, prices of commodities continue to hike up alongside the cost of gas and diesel.

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I just consider ourselves blessed that we had a good term when it comes to our house mortgage. We have twelve years left to pay it off . The next major expense that we have to prepare for is our son’s education. Even homeschooling can cost a lot. We only have a few more months to prepare for this. Despite the recession, life has to go on and the Lord will continue to be in control throughout this phase.

I am happy to report that my little boy was only sick with low grade fever for less than a day. He rarely gets sick, which is why whenever he does, I cannot help but be all too concerned. I am so happy that he responded well to the lemongrass concoction that I had him drink every so often. Around five times throughout that time. 38.6 was the highest his temperature went, but didn't last for half an hour.

We missed church that day and a baby dedication and birthday party of the daughter of our good friends, Bon and Egie. He has been okay since Sunday noon, but still I wonder what could that have been.
He is now playing golf via Wii. His favorite sport and he just did a birdie - my cool three year old son. :-)

We are all celebrating from the moment my father and Esther spotted her name on the list of those who passed the Nursing Board Exam in November 2008. My cousin has been telling me of sleepless nights for some days now over the stress of finding out if she made it or not. Possibly the longest three months of her life. Atleast I did not have to wait more than a month when the board results for the exam I took last year was released.

Now the next step for her is to review for NCLEX. We are really thrilled of her passing the board and we cannot help but have her treat us to a gallon of ice cream, atleast. ;-)

Congrats Esther!!!! We are so happy for you! :D

(l-r: me, Esther and my sister, Rose)

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