Do you own a pool or perhaps know of someone who manages a pool whether at home or a club? offers swimming pool supplies that are more than just affordable. They supply pool equipment at wholesale prices. They keep their overhead cost low that is why they are able to sell at such low prices and they distribute all across the globe.

This small family owned company has been in the business since 1997 and has kept its reputation as one dedicated company that distributes on quality brands at low cost and great customer service.

Today I made a batch of one recipe I have always wanted to try out - Neiman Marcus'. I love that I was able to get hold of the real original recipe and not the one that has been going around for ages as a chain letter over emails as far back as ten years ago! For a while I thought it was the real thing.

This actual recipe that I used was posted live in the Neiman Marcus website to dispel the urban legend of the $250 recipe, with matching dramatic story of one person who got charged for it. This recipe is no longer available online and was just made live for a limited time.

The hubby loves this cookie. Although our little guy loves it as well, we have to watch it when we give him his share. This one contains caffeine because of the coffee content. This explains his not being able to sleep last night until midnight struck.

For a while I have been baking the original recipe of Mrs. Field's, it was just about time I do this shift. I am thinking of doing a raisin oat chocolate chip cookie next week. :-)

Are you looking into having your very own built? Per personal experience, it has proved us good to be able to say your piece in laying out the floor plan that you want and being able to choose options that are available.

You might want to check out Lexington Real Estate and check out their Model Home Village in Chilesburg and choose from their six floor plans so you might envision what you want for your future home. Check out the communities and options for floor plans. It is always best to make a careful inspection of your dream place before you decide and if you decide to buy your own place later on, they also have options for rental homes that are equally satisfying.

I'm sure a lot of you have bought your own from your favorite department store, Wal Mart's or wherever. I chose to make my own, DIY Christmas Potpourri Jar! Yay! I am going to post the how to's, which is as easy as 1-2-3 in my Handy Tips and Hints Site and maybe post a picture for Wordless Wednesday in our Marriage and Beyond page.

Meanwhile, here is the finished product, which I made in less than five minutes! If you have every item you need to create one, I don't see any reason to buy a ready made one. There is always a certain sense of fulfillment in making stuffs by yourself. A sense of pride of sorts. Coming from a country of tropics, where there is no pine tree (except for the cool southern part of the country-Baguio), we can't really be expected to pick out the pine tree to get inside our home, so the best we could do is pick out the prettiest Christmas tree (plastic but looks real one) fresh from the department store for our home. Anyhoo, I have to do away with my blabberings and as I've said, the finished product in the sweet scent of Cinnamon Holiday...

This was what my son's pedia told us this morning when we went to see her to have our little guy checked. His fever has been on and off, no colds or cough. He still eats as usual, no change with anything at all, except for the fever. But praise God that since three in the morning, the fever has not come back. I hope it never will!

But if in any case the fever persists, I was instructed to have some laboratory procedures done on Thursday.

I have been reading a lot about online marketing for some time now. One site that struck me is this Plug-In Profit Site that introduces affiliate marketing. I am sure you have heard about these kind of sites. It was interesting to read one testimonial of a restaurant worker who just happened to give this site a try and he started earning over $10,000 after the twenty fourth month. Real people, doing ordinary things giving affiliate marketing a try making it big as they claim that piece of the pie from earnings via the internet.

All you really have to do is go to the links all over this post and sign up. You will instructed to do three very easy steps and you will then be given a brand new fully loaded website that is absolutely free. You might have tried all those make money online web pages, then you really should give this one a try. There is really nothing to lose. As you go try this one out, you will not just be armed with everything that you need to start your online marketing right from the convenience of your very own home business. I am heading over the site and signing up myself. 

One of the things that I doing over the internet is browsing over sites that are dedicated to gadgets. I always make sure to read several reviews before ever purchasing anything techie. This is the only way that I could get honest to goodness reviews and comparisons of different brands. One to check out is From universal remote control to network media player and even online back up services, you are sure to get the latest from them.

Our supposedly Whirlpool fully automatic washer has suddenly decided to go semi-automatic. For some reason, the pump that gets the water in won't function, so I have to fetch water from a big basin to the washer. What a hassle.

I called up our local Whirlpool technician already but he won't be available until tomorrow. But the thing is, the laundry cannot anymore wait until then! The little guy has ran out of undies. lol! :D

So, as usual, I'm once again juggling my chores at home and some assignments I have online that are about to go rotten, if you know what I mean.  Till next time!

931 words.  The total number of words to my most recent post in Marriage and Beyond. I can really give a mouth full when I don't watch it.  I know I risk boring a lot of readers, but being the webmaster of my very own blog allows me to write as short or as long as I want.  

My intention was not to write that long a post but just to share the benefits of lemon grass juicing, that's just about it, until I turned the wheel to being a work from home mom,  then I cannot stop typing. lol!  Till then. :-)

A few days ago I received this call with a non-registered phone number. She got the number right but the person she is looking for is non-existent. I am reminded of the days when our local telephone company would be so behind that we all get cross lines and what have yous. It was frustrating and thank heavens it does not exist anymore because of the fiber optics technology that was incorporated to the technology. 

Fast forward to this day, I am sure that this does not belong to glitches and century old technology. I have even been considering that this lady is really a prank caller after all. I would receive calls from her every other day and looking for all different names. This is when can come very handy. To trace a phone number is now made possible.

Today, I got this credit card cut in two! I finally settled everything we owe Citibank Visa. I am so relieved! Next to go is my Citibank Cash Card.  As soon as I received the message confirmation via sms that the latest payment was already credited, I did not waste a minute and immediately called up their hotline to get the card terminated.

This card was a pre approved one that was sent to me last year.  Before they renew it this November and charge me with the annual fee, which was waived last year, I was determined to have everything settled.  I am a very practical consumer.  So whatever we purchased via that card were all but necessities.  It was only these past months that we were actually given the resources to settle things, for which we are grateful.  A large chunk of our monthly income goes to the credit card debts that got accumulated throughout the years from medication and even sustenence.  We are hoping to be off every single one very soon and to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor.  :-)