Today, I got this credit card cut in two! I finally settled everything we owe Citibank Visa. I am so relieved! Next to go is my Citibank Cash Card.  As soon as I received the message confirmation via sms that the latest payment was already credited, I did not waste a minute and immediately called up their hotline to get the card terminated.

This card was a pre approved one that was sent to me last year.  Before they renew it this November and charge me with the annual fee, which was waived last year, I was determined to have everything settled.  I am a very practical consumer.  So whatever we purchased via that card were all but necessities.  It was only these past months that we were actually given the resources to settle things, for which we are grateful.  A large chunk of our monthly income goes to the credit card debts that got accumulated throughout the years from medication and even sustenence.  We are hoping to be off every single one very soon and to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor.  :-)