Today I made a batch of one recipe I have always wanted to try out - Neiman Marcus'. I love that I was able to get hold of the real original recipe and not the one that has been going around for ages as a chain letter over emails as far back as ten years ago! For a while I thought it was the real thing.

This actual recipe that I used was posted live in the Neiman Marcus website to dispel the urban legend of the $250 recipe, with matching dramatic story of one person who got charged for it. This recipe is no longer available online and was just made live for a limited time.

The hubby loves this cookie. Although our little guy loves it as well, we have to watch it when we give him his share. This one contains caffeine because of the coffee content. This explains his not being able to sleep last night until midnight struck.

For a while I have been baking the original recipe of Mrs. Field's, it was just about time I do this shift. I am thinking of doing a raisin oat chocolate chip cookie next week. :-)