In the next couple of hours, we will again take our son to his Pediatrician. This time to have his x-ray plates read and also to show his doctor the result of his PPD test that we had read yesterday. Both are positive for primary complex and we will need to get the prescription for his medication.

I am still in a daze. It is just unbelievable that our son who is as energetic as ever, gaining weight steadily and so "bibo" is sick of this traitor disease. I just really pray everything works well. As much as I hate introducing those synthetic medicines to his young body, what choice do I have really? It's going to be a six month medication for him. May the Lord restore his health and use the medications he will take to speed it up and make him well in no time.


twinkletoe said...

I'm sorry about your son's health. As a mother all we really want is to protect our child from any harm. I pray that he'll be alright and that God bless his health. Take care :]

Lerlyn said...

Hello sis! sorry to hear that but he'll be ok.. my Bienne also undergone 6mos medication 2years ago..and she is ok now..basta sis dapat hindi makalimutan ng kahit isang araw dahil back to zero na naman at sa tamang oras talaga. God bless.