They say that when trials come, it is best to focus on things that are good. Count the blessings. This is what I am doing now. We just came back from the hospital and my son was said to have a positive PPD test for Primary Complex. Poor baby. He probably has an inactive one because he sure does not show at all that he is one bit sick. With all his energy getting thrown all across every room where he is. His appetite is good and is gaining weight.

Even as we are struggling with health issues now, there are things that I would rather focus on. For instance, our getting towards freedom from financial debt. This is one strain in our family that we have been struggling with for the last three years. Debt management is one of the best things we have ever done since. The stress debt causes in a family can get overwhelming at times. I am especially blessed that I have a mother who has somehow imparted to me the value of being free of debt. That is why I am rather vigilant towards this issue. We are now dead set to get our debts off our backs very soon. This is a blessing that our family is very grateful for.