If you have visited our other site MarriageandBeyond.com recently, you would see one of my latest post with a plea for help for anyone who can offer suggestions on what I can further do about someone stealing one of my blog’s articles. It is just utterly frustrating. Allow me to vent about it one more time.

It is just so hard to understand how people can dare do such things. I cannot take it when things you own get stolen from you and what makes it worse is I see my article that she copied and pasted verbatim with our very pictures from our wedding in her blog and I CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I really just had to write that out in big, bold letters. This experience just reminded me of what I heard from LifeLock. It is just that easy for people to take things that belong to you. I so refuse to remain hopeless.

Aside from the fact that this is clearly plagiarism, what this thief did was practically steal my identity! This crime is not new anymore, in fact PayPal and Yahoo have regularly reminded internet users of some phishing scams around the net. LifeLock.com discusses the very nature of these crimes and what we can do about it. I can only wish we have LifeLock available here in our land. I have reported this person in question and I am hoping the authorities in Multiply where she keeps her blog, will respond urgently.

I appreciate the people who came in to my defense and gave pieces of their minds and suggestions. Especially Kuya Jessie who guided me into Google Webmaster Tools to report this user. I hope this gets resolved soon.
Please let me know if there are other things I can do aside from what I have already done. Thank you so much in advance.