Allow me to just tell you how proud I am of my son. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to stay at home and bring him up the way I believe he should be brought up. Now I see little by little why it is so important to be ever hands on every step of the way.

Every single time, people would just tell me how amazed they are as they witness our son to obviously have such high emotional quotient. Sometimes it would not occur to me they are anything above the ordinary. Like every time we go anywhere and there is a toy he would really like to touch or play with (basing from the look on his face) he would first ask for permission from the other child and whenever it is time to go or the other child is asking for his toy back, he freely gives back. He knows already at two years old the concept of "not his" or "not ours." His pedia this afternoon felt bad that she does not have toy with her to give him because our son approached us with a toy and was telling us that "not ours." I told him, "yes mahal, it's not ours." And I just told Dra. that it's okay, he knows when to give things back. I never cease to have that amazed look from friends and strangers alike.

I am proud of my son. Even the fact that he is so easy to handle when it comes to giving him medicines, every doctor that has seen him is amazed. Believe me, even the shots, especially those regular shots of immunizations he used to have at least every month, he would just let out a shout and that's it. He is such a dream baby boy and I am blessed. He wanted to have a train ride after the check up this afternoon, but we figured later that our grocery shopping has eaten up much of the time and I was burnt out already. You see, I am still sick. We just told him, we were sorry, he cannot ride the train tonight, but he will on Monday. And he would just tell us, "Big boy will ride the train on Monday." No fussing. He is so easy to deal with. We are really blessed.

I just pray that we continue to nurture him and allow him to develop his skills and talents. I especially pray that he would grow to love the Lord above all.