Last month our dear boy broke one of our bed’s supporting legs. He jumped his way to breaking it. You will not believe what has replaced that broken leg these days. My hubby’s faithful ‘ol barbell plate. He knew he had to do a makeshift support for us to still be able to use the bed, so he rolled his barbell under the bed and had the place fixed in place.

I know this should not be for long. We have been looking into getting a new bed. We first saw and liked one of those Faux Leather Beds but we both knew one will not be ideal in the tropical climate that we have. Time4Sleep carries just about all the neat beds available in the land. I especially have my eye on those memory foam mattresses. I can only imagine the comfort my scoliotic back will benefit from it. I have only heard about memory foams in the aeronautics. Apparently, technology has found out its benefits for everyday living.

Now that our family’s health is not in a tip top shape, the benefit that we could all get from sleeping right and on the right bed will sure help a great deal to have us bounce back and be good as new.