A month from today, I am supposed to take the board. Every single time that I attempt to go back to the workplace the Lord does not seem to send trials my way. His way of telling me that I am good where I am at. Now it is practically impossible that I will be able to take the board because of my health issues.

The attempt prior to this, I had a miscarriage. I was then working in Tele Tech. The training to be able to make it then was to complete a six month rigorous sets of modules. It was tough but a very interesting career. The product and sales training were necessary for the office to maintain its international standard of excellence. Not to mention having to go through that Dean Vaughn Retention system that got us to memorize eleven thousand medical terms in one week. That was probably the most interesting part of my training in that office.

More than the joy of learning the ropes of all the possible careers I could get a hold of, I believe the Lord is clearly telling me now to stay put, keep on with the ministry that I hold dear in my heart -- my family. My pursuing further studies honestly was motivated by the fact that I needed to help in the family income. But now that He has given me an alternative, which allows us revenue that I will never earn from teaching in this local land. I know He is telling me something clear and I am going to listen.