In my family of origin, it has always been me whose health is the most vulnerable. I practically grew up missing classes for I have been always sickly. Up until this time, I have always been susceptible to being sick time and again.

In our married life, this has also been one of the reasons why we have almost maxed out one of our credit cards. The cost of my medicines did not anymore catch up with the budget that we have in our family. That was some years ago and up until now, we are still managing our credit card debts that we have had because of those expensive medicines that were prescribed to me only to find out that a natural supplement was the way out of what I was sick of back then.

These past year and months, I have figured out a way to be able to pay all our outstanding debts with the least possible interest to pay. It is interesting to know that companies like IVA offer debt management for those who struggle with debts like we used to. Although we still haven’t paid everything off, we have gotten around a fixed rate that is very minimal as opposed to the regular interest that we would be paying for if I did not have it managed.