I woke up today with a splitting headache. I remember having this time and again ever since I was in grade school. We even thought I had some kind of brain tumor. This is paralyzing me big time. It is two in the afternoon and it was only now that I got up and practically made my way to doing my tasks on the computer.

Yes. I have stayed home. I have practically ceased attending my review classes. I would have to pay mother more than a hundred dollars for that. I really have no choice. My body has again failed me. Aside from this migraine, I also have an ulcer around my throat. I remember having it when I feasted on my favorite Reese's chocolate. Now I'm back to gargling with Bactidol every single hour to get rid of it. Arggh! I am just not in my tip top shape now. But I will be back with a vengeance. I want to stay healthier and fitter for my son. I honestly can't keep up with his two year old energy. Although I pretty much don't plan on joining my two boys as they do their rough matches, but at least I would keep my youthful energy. This is a priority for me now that I pray the Lord would grant me.