Here's worth tooting about: Choosing to celebrate despite my health issues. Our family celebrated dear sister's birthday yesterday. Here is a photo of our family spending our time together in Trinoma. It is such a huge place that it was practically impossible to tour the whole place. We ate at Marina, gobbled up all those yummy platters of seafood specials.

Hubby took this shot minutes before our order came in. That is our dear cousin Esther beside my lovely sister, Rose. We had such fun and satisfying meal together. After our early dinner, we proceeded to the department store area. Mama treated rose to a shopping spree. Check out one of her loots. I just had to take shots, I can't help it. Isn't she lovely? :-)
The whole family just decided to buy half a gallon of blueberry cheesecake ice cream. We feasted on it right there at the food court. That was probably one of the most fun things we have done yet.

Happy birthday my dear lovely sister, Rose. This is her first birthday celebration as a married woman. You sure do not look 29 at all. I pray that the Lord to grant you great health and your heart's desire. I love you Rose. :-)


Shelia said...

Good Morning Jen!

Happy birthday to your sister Rose! May she be blessed with many, many more. (My mother and daughter are both named Rose too!)

You should feel better just being in the midst of all that happiness, I feel good just looking at the pictures.

What a beautiful family. The baby is too cute.

Glad that you got out and about, sometimes that's just as good for the body as it is for the soul. Have a great day!


Curvaceous, said...

Looks like a very happy family!

Melanie said...

Seafood Platters! Yummy! That sounds goood!