Our family is one of those who value insurances. Whether that would be health, life insurance, educational insurance or even home insurance. In fact, we have ourselves covered except for our son’s health benefits.

Up until now, this is still disturbing us why my husband’s office has not yet taken care of my son’s health benefits when it should already be a given.
We have submitted all the necessary documents right from the time my son’s birth certificate was released, and that was almost three years ago today. I recently just found out that it has something to do with the Summary of Benefits that the main office have chosen, that my husband’s office is tied with. Apparently, their employees are mostly single, unmarried people, so they did not bother to take in benefits that welcome new members in the family. This is a major thing for us, but something that we literally can do nothing about. Since the church is just joining in with that office to be able to afford paying a smaller premium rather than paying for each staff, then all we can really do is pray that dear son remains healthy.

But here’s the thing, our son is going through many laboratory tests lately and the price we pay for each is not cheap. This is the very things we could have availed of if he has health insurance. We continue to pray that we bounce right back from this health crisis our family is in right now.