That's 19 drops short to the 1,500 goal that I have! Okay, I still have a life mind you. It just so happened that after having had a super slow and frustrating internet connection the last couple of days, the speed of the connection yesterday was faster than usual. So I knew I just had to seize the moment. That I did. I dropped from our following blogs:

Marriage and Beyond - 300 drops
Handy Tips and Hints
- 300 drops
Kikay Corner - 300 drops
Online Money Making - 300 drops - 281 drops

Total = 1,481 EC drops

I can't get over the fact that I am short by a mere 19 drops! It's funny how just a few days back my sweet friend Lainy and I were chatting and I got floored when she said that she just did 1,200 drops. I found it totally crazy to be able to do that. Now I know it's possible if you have a decent connection.

Proof that I did more than just EC dropping yesterday was the handful of comments I did, the four sponsored posts that I wrote, cat napped in the afternoon and watched the most recent episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (episode 8). I kept house, made my own concoction of lemongrass iced tea from scratch, did my daily devotion via my TGIF devotional software in my mobile. All of these while taking care of my cutie pie single handedly. Am I a superwoman or what?

Here's the trick. I don't really wait for each and every page to load. I use the linky firefox add-on (like all the wise entrecarders do) and have it do the job, I do my thing, whatever that is I need to do and just go back to the loaded pages when I'm free. :D

Last night while I was waiting for the hubby to come home from the missions trip to Palawan that he is coordinating together with a few other pastors from our mother church, I considered getting a domain of one of my long abandoned blogs, Reviews Corner. Five of the six blogs that I maintain are all free hosted and I thought of taking my blogging venture to the next level by claiming a domain for one of my other five blogs. Four of my other free hosted blogs including this one are all page rank less. It is always the best time to get a domain when the blog has no ranking primarily because when you shift your blog with a page rank from a free hosted one, you will definitely lose it, alongside its earning potential. All probloggers are aware of this fact.
Shifting from a free hosted to a domain is pretty easy with the Blogger facility. It’s good that I don’t have to apply for credit card because I already have one. It would have been best to pay via PayPal. It’s the most convenient and safest way if you ask me. No credit card number to type in and no other personal details need to be divulged.

Please feel free to visit my brand new domain The transition period isn’t over yet so that explains the stats all coming back with big fat zeroes. I expect them to be back in a few weeks. Meanwhile please come and visit and let’s exchange links! And for those who are linked to the former free hosted name, I hope to ask from you guys to please update the URL for Handy Tips and Hints. Thank you so much in advance!

Thanks Hails for always remembering me always. I appreciate you sis!

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I don’t know about you, but our family and I are definitely feeling the economic crunch these days. It seems like every single time we go to the grocery and market to replenish our food and toiletries supply, prices would hike up more than just a couple of pesos compared to the last time we went there which was just the previous week. It’s crazy!

No wonder more and more people are making use of loans and other facilities that offer that extra hand during trying times. Sometimes I even think of getting an online loan  but I would definitely make sure I get the lowest interest rate to make sure I will be able to pay it off immediately.

I have been thinking about these things today because later I will have to buy some fresh vegetables and meat. I already did my grocery shopping (toiletries and other supplies that can be stock) last week that should last us a couple more weeks. I really pray that our government will be able to regulate food prices. It’s okay if they hike up prices of other commodities. This is really where the bulk of expense a family’s income goes to. Our family will continue to dwell on God’s grace and the fact that He owns everything in this world gives Him the ability to sustain us and even shower us with mercies that are new every morning.