I don’t know about you, but our family and I are definitely feeling the economic crunch these days. It seems like every single time we go to the grocery and market to replenish our food and toiletries supply, prices would hike up more than just a couple of pesos compared to the last time we went there which was just the previous week. It’s crazy!

No wonder more and more people are making use of loans and other facilities that offer that extra hand during trying times. Sometimes I even think of getting an online loan  but I would definitely make sure I get the lowest interest rate to make sure I will be able to pay it off immediately.

I have been thinking about these things today because later I will have to buy some fresh vegetables and meat. I already did my grocery shopping (toiletries and other supplies that can be stock) last week that should last us a couple more weeks. I really pray that our government will be able to regulate food prices. It’s okay if they hike up prices of other commodities. This is really where the bulk of expense a family’s income goes to. Our family will continue to dwell on God’s grace and the fact that He owns everything in this world gives Him the ability to sustain us and even shower us with mercies that are new every morning.