Last night while I was waiting for the hubby to come home from the missions trip to Palawan that he is coordinating together with a few other pastors from our mother church, I considered getting a domain of one of my long abandoned blogs, Reviews Corner. Five of the six blogs that I maintain are all free hosted and I thought of taking my blogging venture to the next level by claiming a domain for one of my other five blogs. Four of my other free hosted blogs including this one are all page rank less. It is always the best time to get a domain when the blog has no ranking primarily because when you shift your blog with a page rank from a free hosted one, you will definitely lose it, alongside its earning potential. All probloggers are aware of this fact.
Shifting from a free hosted to a domain is pretty easy with the Blogger facility. It’s good that I don’t have to apply for credit card because I already have one. It would have been best to pay via PayPal. It’s the most convenient and safest way if you ask me. No credit card number to type in and no other personal details need to be divulged.

Please feel free to visit my brand new domain The transition period isn’t over yet so that explains the stats all coming back with big fat zeroes. I expect them to be back in a few weeks. Meanwhile please come and visit and let’s exchange links! And for those who are linked to the former free hosted name, I hope to ask from you guys to please update the URL for Handy Tips and Hints. Thank you so much in advance!


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jen fropped there na! here's one for you: