I would like to thank all those who bothered to send me emails and messages via EC, informing me that they cannot access Marriage and Beyond. My main blog is currently under transition. I had to change hosts and I hope that it goes live within the next 24 hours.
It was the first time for the hubby and me to back up our files and my main site sure has such heavy load. Lots of techie stuffs that I didn't bother to tinker with. I just had the hubby figure it out and thanks a whole lot to Neil for helping him throughout, as always. Although I still can't help but get uneasy until I see my site go live once again. There's just something about that database error message that gets to me. Oh well, the site has been like a baby to me and not being able to access it feels weird. I hope it doesn't take so long until I see it go live again. :-)