I did retire rather early last night, hoping I could sleep off whatever it was that made me sick. I woke up having chills in the middle of the night and hubby gave me my second paracetamol pill. I did sweat out my fever at around four in the morning. But here I am now, not having enough strength to even get in front of my laptop.

I am bedridden and do I resent it! My head and eyes hurt with the mere attempt of browsing through the net. My temperature is doing 38 plus Celsius now. It was a good thing, though, that I was still able to get Joy's links included in my blogroll. But that was it! After doing that, I just had to admit that I have to shut the computers down, mine and hubby's.

Hubby was kind enough to take our son with him to work. I really have no strength to look after our son. I hope to get better from today until tomorrow. I have to take my pre-board exam on Saturday and I cannot be still sick by then.

If there is anything, mobile blogging can be really cool! I do not know why I cannot stand the screen of my laptop but can freely type away via my mobile phone without the eye strain, like what I am doing now.

Allow me to sign off for now and do my devotions. For those pro bloggers out there, please heed my plea of help. Refer to the entry prior to this one. I will really appreciate it.


twinkletoe said...

thanks for the visit in my blog. get well soon.. mahirap mgkasakit.. ahh..

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Hope that helps. :]