Hello dear readers and friends here in the blogging world! I messed my blogroll up last night during my attempt to tweak and change my template. I have my blogroll live now, but I am pretty much unsure if I have everyone listed. Please give me a pingback and let me know if you see yourself not listed. You see, what I did to restore this was manually copy the blogroll from my The Aspacio's website.

I have been blogging for years but I still can't figure this seemingly easy task. I honestly am getting bored with the customized templates blogger has to offer. So I have been trying to make changes, but whenever I do, the widgets and my blogroll would go missing. This happens even when I get it right back to my former template. More than an apology, this is actually a cry for help.

If anyone of you could be so kind, please teach me how to even just add those scrolling thingy on the sidebar, which could really come handy with a blogroll that can rather take up all the space therein. I also hope to make use of it for my disclosure policy and the like. I actually am considering keeping this template, just so I can save myself the headache of restoring everything back to its former state when my tweaking attempts don't work out.

Thank you for understanding. Again, please leave me a message if you suddenly do not see your name listed here.


JOY said...

Added your site here in Ozlife friend Jen..Pls update my healthblog url into
and please include this other sites of mine..
What A World
href="http://joyspeaking.com">Fil-Oz Blog

href="http://joycedanao.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog ">Taurian's

href="http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=703801">Out of Curiosity Blog

thank you Jen.

Kaylynn's Mommy said...

I wish that I could offer you help, but I am new to this blogging thing as well! I would love for someone to teach me how to implement a new template myself! I would love to make my blog hip and cool to look at!

Jen said...

Added na Joy, my friend. :-) God bless! :-)

Jen said...

Oh Kaylynn's mom! That's sweet of you! I appreciate that you even bothered to tell me this. Sigh! May we both find bloggy tweaking angels to help us. :-)

Jen said...

Finally! I got my prayer answered by the angel in Sweetiepie. I appreciate you sis! If you now notice, I already have those scrolling thing for my blogroll and disclosure policy. Thanks sis, you really are a sweetiepie! :-)