When my husband and I had our getaway vacation on August of 2005, we really had a blast. It was something else. The months preceding that were both stressful and wonderful time for us. We were just so busy with our child birth preparation classes doing our Lamaze/Bradley sessions and when baby came out there were a lot of adjustments that overwhelmed us and our family. We intentionally scheduled a time for us to just get away, dear hubby and me.

We plan to have a repeat but this time we will have to tag our son along. He could very well appreciate things around him and is very fond of the outdoors. When hubby and I went to Cebu last 2005 we booked chose from a handful of hotel reservations a room with a kitchenette. I figured with a toddler around, this time we will have to get a hold of a hotel room with the same facility. It would be convenient for all of us. It may even be a resort, a place similar to the one where hubs and I spent our honeymoon in. I’m sure our little guy will love the sand and we could build sand castles together. 

Going through the web and looking for the best rates, I chanced upon hotel reservations. They offer such great prices and competitive rates to boot. A sample of which is for the $100 rebate coupon one gets $20 with a 3 Night Booking, $30 with a 5 Night Booking, $50 with an 8 Night Booking, $75 with a 10 Night Booking and $100 with a 12 Night Booking. That is just an offer that is hard to resist. Now what I will need to look at is to decide on the place, plan the perfect date and get booked.