I am here waiting for my turn to see the doctor. I know I need not tell you, I am again blogging via my mobile phone. I am the 8th patient and I am so not new at this, waiting in line for the doctor, that is.

I am so stressed. Tomorrow is my scheduled pre-board examination and I am not getting any better. My temperature shot up to 39 degrees Celsius, practically the whole day yesterday. It is still the same today. The paracetamol pills I am taking do not help. I was asking God what He was trying to say in this circumstance that I am in when He gave me this verse yesterday:

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

It sure sounds so much easier than done. To stay poised under pressure is really something else. There are several things the Lord is telling me now. But before He wants me to figure everything out. I have to keep on trusting that He is in control. I hope to be unshaken by the alarms of life like these and I hope for peace that radiates despite all the uncertainties of life. Life is filled with anxiety and cares and the temptation to be restless and anxious will always be there. God confidence, not confidence in myself or in what I can do. This will keep me calm in the midst of the demands of life.

With how my health is failing me now, I do not know how I can even go take the board tomorrow. I remain hopeful, but whatever happens, I will just settle where I am at and tell Him, His will be done.


Lerlyn said...

Get well Jen! I'll be praying for ur immediate recovery..and GOd bless u sa pre-board mo bukas.. When ur free pls email me the instruction at twerlyn@yahoo.com..no rush ok..thank u!

Shelia said...

My goodness Jen, I could have written this post about myself. I have health issues and I am going through another trial at home. I am beyond stressed. I cried, and cried out to God as well most of the night. I try to understand what I am going through now, and where I may have been responsible for having to go through this earlier in my life.

It is still very disturbing nonetheless.

I will be in prayer for you, that you will be blessed with sufficient health and strength to take your boards.

Take Care,~~Shelia

Jen said...

Oh Shelia dearie, know that I will be keeping you in prayers. I can so relate to you.

Thank you so much for your sweet words, sis. Please know that I appreciate your encouragement. Knowing that there are friends like you who are praying for me really helps a great deal in this time of crisis.

God bless you Shelia and may you grow in His love more even as you struggle through this time. These may be times that he wants our full attention or something. For me, I am still in the process of figuring it out.