Thanks Joy for the tag! I appreciate you sis! God bless you more! :-)

1. Are you in a complicated love situation? {no}

2 . Do you hate more than 3 people? {no}

3 . The last thing you drank? {green tea}

4 . Favorite chocolate bar? {Midnight Dove}

5. Have you ever tripped someone? {I don't remember}

6. How many pairs of shoes do you own? {around 5}

7. Have you ever thrown up in public? {I always did whenever I ride the public transpo when I was small}

8 . Favorite genre of music? {Christian Contemporary, Jazz}

9. Do you like beer? {I don't}

10. What are your favorite colour(s)? {Pink}

11. Is anyone in love with you? {yes!}

13.Pepsi or Sprite? {Neither}

14. How many video games do you own? {none}

15. Does look matters? {Yes. Looks, like beauty, is relative to the beholder}

16. Are you too forgiving? {I'm not.}

17. Do you own something from Hottopic? {I don't}

18. Do you own a gun? {nope}

19. What did you do last night? {attend to Jed, the house, and blog in between}

20. Nicknames? {Jen, Jennie}

21. If you had a super power, what would it be? {The power to bend time/space continuum-like Hiro Nakamura}

22 . Are you thinking about somebody right now? {Yes, my two boys are wrestling on the bed. I hear the fun and want to join in!}

23 . Ever called somebody Boo? {Yes!}

24. Are you happy with your life right now? {Happy!}

25. Do you like your hair? {It could be better}

26 . Does anyone like you? {Yes.}

27 . Last thing you read? {This tag from Joy}

28 . Are you afraid of the dark? {Sometimes, when I get very imaginative.}

29 . Have you ever stripped? {Yes. Does anyone take a bath in her clothes?}

30. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? {Yes}

31. Can you cook? {I can}

32. Things that annoy you? {Arrogant, fake people}

33 . Money or Love? {Love}

34 . What do you want more than anything right now? {To just wake up and know that I passed the board}

35. Do you enjoy scary movies? {I don't}

36. Marriage Or Live In? {Marriage definitely. See our Marriage and Beyond site as evidence}

37. When was the last time you said "I love you" ? {Just hours ago for sure when I saw my son when I got home from school}

I am tagging my favorite beautiful people in the blogosphere:

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