When I first became pregnant in 2004, I was really conscious. I did everything I could to prevent stretch marks from appearing around my belly. I was doing so fine, until my son was nine months in gestation. It was a fateful night in April 2005 that I noticed seeing some unsightly stretch marks on the left side of my tummy! It looked horrible! I was so into the fact that I am not going to get it. Why? With all the creams of what have yous that I applied. Each guaranteeing a stretch mark free belly all through out my pregnancy. And boy, were they pricey!

After giving birth, even as I was busy taking care of my little guy, I got a hold of a stretch mark cream that has considerably caused the stretch marks to lighten. I have heard that the best when it comes to this concern is revitol stretch mark cream. I am thrilled to have found this out. Almost three years since I have given birth and I have become hopeful at last. I can get back to wearing two piece swim wear without thinking of my unsightly belly. I really want all those marks to say goodbye forever.