Me and dear hubby are a blogging couple. It is now past twelve midnight and we are still in front of each of our computers typing away and dropping cards respectively. This has been a long day for me. I was not able to finish my goal for the day which is to take care of our son's closet.

When you have a toddler like we do, you would understand why I have to sort out his things from time to time. It has to be that way or else his closet will just overflow with things and clothes that do not fit him anymore.

Tonight, after we prayed and I tucked him to bed, he would sing songs like "Amazing Grace" (which my mother just taught him today) and other songs that he would usually sing himself to sleep with. All the while I thought he would be sleeping before his father comes home from his football training. He remained up and about, patiently waited for papa to sleep beside him.