Thanks Hails for this tag. I appreciate it so much that I don't just involve the hubby in blogging via tags and memes, I even get to have him as my blogging partner and blog together in our Marriage and Beyond site. But my appreciation don't end there, here's a compacted list of what I love most about him. I know I can go on and on and on but I needed to stop myself and trim it down to 7. Here it goes...

1. He is God-fearing. Despite the many things that have pushed him to leave his calling, he has stayed put, pressed on towards leading His people through the local church he now pastors.

2. Hubby loves to shower me with gifts, even if I insist him not to. He has this funny antic, like for instance a few weeks before my birthday he'd get me something special and say it's for my 70th birthday. It's his way of saying he cannot not have something else to surprise me with on the day itself. I would tell him one gift is enough. But he'll find all the crazy excuses, 69th birthday, 68th and so and so forth. At one point, I got nerved, because I found it impractical. But later figured, he must just love me that much. :-)

3. His diplomatic nature.

4. He loves me like no other.

5. He is such a great lover!

6. He puts up with my crazy moods and he's getting better at handling me by the year.

7. Having no model of a good father (his was an ever absentee one), I must say he is really doing good at being a great one.

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ღ Joymhrdy ღ said...

Hi Jen, thanks sa tag!!! I posted it to my other blog though kasi meron na ako sa isa, but thanks ha!!!