I choose to count my blessings even as we are currently going through some tough times. One of which is the fact that I have upgraded a tad from formerly using a lowly Pentium 3 desktop which always bugged down last year to my current Core Duo Megabook lappy. I remember the frustration of using that unit even after upgrading its memory for hope of improvement. It would just turn off without warning and what’s worse is it did just in between jobs that I needed to finish.

But before we were blessed to have bought this, I have always dreamed of having a Macbook. Not that I am in any way unhappy with our Megabook’s performance. But being the tech savvy that I have become, I have learned from various reviews and user testimonials that there are a lot of applications and goodies that a Macbook offers. Those cool apple games would have been such a steal. I even found a site where I can download mac games. I am not that addicted to games, online or otherwise, but it sure can be a good diversion from the everyday busyness of life from time to time.

From a Macbook dream to settling for a Megabook, I figured that was not bad. If specs will be compared between the two, Megabook even has a higher one. I may not be able to get a hold of those ingenious mac games but the specifications I am now working with is good enough to last me years of working on being efficient in my current job.