One of the things our family is looking forward to is getting our current rusty old car replaced and for us to buy a reliable used car. There are a lot of odds when it comes to buying used cars. One of the more important things to consider is the engine and mechanism of the car to be bought. It is important to get the car checked first by a good mechanic to keep repairs to a minimum. Although, it is somehow expected that used cars to have some kind of sicknesses here and there, you would better the odds if this first important thing will be done.

Why replace? We have been painfully enduring the current one we are using. Because believe it or not, when it rains outside, it does rain inside to, if you know what I mean. And every time the poor hubby would get his pants wet (no not because he peed, but because of rain water directly pouring over his side of the car. Way back before our son was even here, the rain would pour in the middle, just beside the rear view mirror, we had it repaired to the tune of $250 and look what we’ve got some months after, it just transferred to another place and the worse place yet – the driver side. I used to help him catch those rain water from a glass, now I won’t be able to do that anymore because its in his side. And it could be troublesome. We just really pray that the Lord enables us to get this one replaced. We figured it would be more costly to have this replaced than actually buy a new one.