For the next two weeks, starting this Monday, hubby will be gone to oversee two batches of a summer youth camp, April 15-18 and April 22-25, as over all camp director. The theme is “Heroes: Ordinary People with an Extraordinary Calling”, which follows after the TV series Heroes, but subtly redirects to Bible heroes/ characters mentioned in the 11th chapter of Hebrews. This is the 3rd time hubby will be directing the youth camp for Camp Kabataan, a group, composed of pastors, that has a purpose of strengthening youth ministries by organizing annual summer youth camps as a harvest event and leadership training for youth ministries.

This year, there are a lot of people in the Camp Kabataan team that have gone so hubby’s experience this year is quite stressful especially with regards to bringing on people for his leadership team. In fact he has shared to me that there are a few committee responsibilities that will be covered by him and his partner who is the camp director for the second week. One committee he mentioned was the committee for sports and games. In fact, one responsibility of that committee that he and his partner will be covering today is the purchasing of stuff for that particular committee. How he hopes to be able to find just one place to stop at and purchase the things they need and I’m sure he could use those black friday sale right now so they would not go beyond the budget for the sports and games committee.

Hubby and I have been preparing our son, Jed, for his absence this next few days. We sure will be missing him around. We hope that God would guide him and give him wisdom as he directs the camp of about 600 to 700 participants.


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