This is the supplement our family uses since 2006. This was the only thing that cured the battle I had in the late 2005 that no other pricey medications was able to do. I was taking in medications for 6 months then which were very pricey (read: PhP 300/tab). The result was my immune system suffered a great deal. It only took me one week of taking this BioEnzyme supplement and I totally got rid of whatever that is that got me sick. I was seeing four different doctors and no one could tell me point blank what was wrong with me. Now tell me how frustrating that is.

Since then I took out all the synthetic based supplement our son was taking in (Cheriffer and PedCee) and replaced them with this one. He never got a cold since and he did not catch one fever for almost two years. He was practically healthy all the while, that was until he caught primary complex. But even as the x-ray came back positive and he apparently has primary complex, he was still bright and shiny as ever, never lost weight.

I know I can go on and on about this wonder product because of the countless benefits that we have seen experience for ourselves as we used this supplement.


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