Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out, so where there is no talebearer,
the strife ceaseth.(Proverbs 26:20)

It has been a while now, a year almost, if I get it right, when the Lord has finally made a way for the notorious gossip who has been behind our backs since forever to finally be off our backs. The hubby and I have tried to forgive her so many times but she just kept right on. The nerve she had to talk about integrity when all of her being spells out the very person warned the church against in the book of Corinthians. She created division inside the church like one can never imagine.

The hubby and I figured, she can just keep on. In the long run people will know the truth. She was consumed in tearing the hubby down. It was as if her life depended on it. The diplomatic person that my husband is, he never budged. Even followed the Matthew 18 rule of confronting the person. It worked at first. She asked for forgiveness and we actually received her back, clean slate. But a few months down the road and she was at it again. Talking trash behind our backs. It was witchy to say the least. Pointing the finger on my husband when all the while she is the one living a secret life.

I guess this serves as a warning to all of us. If we allow insecurity to eat us up it is really gonna consume us and is going to manifest in the way we live. I just thank God that we kept on despite all those tears and frustration. I remember all those days that we cried out to God and He seemed not to hear. A gossip can really tear down lives. All we did was hold on to the fact that God will balance the scales in His time. As wretched as this soul is, fact is, we are all as wretched as anyone can be, without God, that is. That thought keeps my heart balanced. We should really be careful how we lead our lives.