This is the first time in six years that I have colored my nails. I used to sport french tip nails back in my single days. I always sat pretty at home with nothing to do. All I practically had to do was go to school and prettify myself. lol! It's not that I regret putting on this domestic goddess wardrobe or being a hot momma to my little guy. I will never exchange this seat for anything in the world. I just don't find those things as interesting anymore. Come to think of it, being the "kikay" girl that I was, I never thought I'd ever be domesticated ever. Not that there's anything wrong with remaining "kikay". I even think I still have some tinge of it and it does surface every so often. It's probably a natural evolution when you start living out your purpose in life and go about to enjoying it. Other things like this all become trivial.

Anyway, the hubby insisted I get my nails done. By the way, even back in the old days I have always done my own nails. I dread going to salons to have my nails done, ever! Imagine using the same things that other people use. My peeve over this became even stronger when I watched from a documentary that one can even get diseases, serious ones at that, by getting contaminated with an infected blood from one of those salon nail pushers. Eewww! But I would have to admit visiting a salon for a pedicure during the last trimester of my pregnancy in 2005. I just couldn't reach my toe nails anymore and the hubby does not have the "talent" to take out that nasty ingrown toenail (double eeww!) That was one time and yeah, I also had my nails done for my wedding day, but it was one time my mother insisted on, to give me that extra pampering achuchuchu. And I remember not minding that much back then. I was probably too frazzled about the wedding preps and all that. The hubby and I did all our wedding preparations, for the record.

What I had in mind was just to color my toe nails bloody red to match my red evening dress for the wedding he will officiate tomorrow. But he so insisted to get my fingers done as well. I did not want to, because I would have to do a number of dishwashing from then till the wedding and I might just have to end up taking them all off. Besides I wasn't sure I still can be as savvy in nail polishing as before. I guess it's something innate in me. lol! I thought while doing my nails that one reason why I don't want my nails done by someone else is I always want a perfect finish and all those times I had my nails done by someone else, I would see some nips and imperfection here and there.

You wouldn't believe how the hubby so pushed me to get my finger nails painted as well. He even volunteered to do the dishes and cleaned the waffle maker for me. He hates the tedious task of cleaning our waffle maker. But I admit to reinforcing the cleaning that he did on that. :-)

One of the things I remember him repeatedly telling me back then is how beautiful my fingers and toes are. He actually wants to go back to that time. I just figured a while back, maybe I can still paint my nails alright from time to time. Even if it's just for the hubby's enjoyment. Or should I say, especially for the hubby's enjoyment. :-)