I could say this is one aspect that I am blessed to not have a problem with when it comes to my toddler. Our little guy just turned three and was officially potty trained at two years and three months, if not earlier. But it was during that stage that he really has breezed through and got over accidents (i.e. when he would still occasionally wet the bed especially when he was into lots of activities during the day).

It is said that the average age for a girl to be potty trained is 34 months, and for boys around 37 months. But parents should not expect their toddlers not meet occasional bed wetting accidents up until the age of five or six. Try to avoid liquids by evenings to lessen the likelihood of wetting the bed.

I have noticed with our son that when he is so much into his playtime, he intentionally holds his pee until once or twice he has got his briefs wet, that is the only time he would rush to the toilet. Often times it is preoccupation in his part. And in the evenings, during bed time, he does not wet his bed, primarily because it has been like the norm for both the hubby and me to carry him to the toilet when midnight strikes. He would automatically pee when he feels the toilet rim around his tushy (even while sleeping). You can try this one out and maybe manage your toddler's bed wetting issues.