It is this time of the month again. This splitting headache have haunted me right from my grade school days. I swear everyone thought I had a brain tumor or something. It got worse during puberty when I had my menarche. More often than not it would last for three days or more if I do not take in the right medication. The usual ibuprofen or ponstan have never worked for me. Even those old as time Avamigran medications never kicked in.

The only medication I remember worked for me then was Orudis. For some reason I was told that it got phased out. I succumb to self-medication. Because honestly, the doctors around here are not able to give me the best medication that can help at all. Call it desperate measure, call it whatever. I could not care less, because only migraine sufferers understand how bad it really is whenever it attacks. I so hate it! It's almost like wanting to give yourself over to death, if that would mean the only relief. But of course, that's just to emphasize how bad it becomes.

It's just awful that just when the hubby and I have got everything planned for the night and this migraine attacks. We intended to watch Indiana Jones (the old one) on DVD, and then the migraine just continued to build up. I had almost squealed for complete silence and darkness. It's just awful to say the least.

Are you a migraine sufferer? Or do you know someone who is? What worked for you? I tried that inhaling exercises using a brown bag and all the other tricks. I probably have tried everything. I hate taking Flanax every single month. I hate taking those synthetic medications, but I am not given much of a choice whenever it strikes. I even think, Flanax is my saving grace whenever attack comes. It's just terrible to say the least. I know I am babbling. I am just relieved I am over another migraine bout.


watson said...

Hi Jennie! Thanks for visiting my blog. The good news of my story is, I am no longer having these attacks. Whew! And I wish it will stay that way.

I can still remember one time when I had friends over at the house and we watched TV. Then only a few minutes when they left did my migraine attack came on! I did not have medicine with me, and I resorted to banging my head on the wall. Grabe.

I wish my migraine attacks will not return anymore.