"Barya lang ang natitira sa kaha"
(only a small amount is maintained in the cash register)
"Wala sa istasyon ang susi ng kaha de yero"
(key to the safe is not available on site)

How's this for a funny explanation of gas station owners pleading robbers to keep off their gas shop? I have seen this a number of times whenever we gas up and has never ceased to make me think how ridiculous this poster is. This display is placed outside the cashier booth.

I would of course understand the desperation of the management and they would really do anything to emphasize their point. It's still funny if you ask me.
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raqgold said...

kengkay here.

they would do anything to stop the bandits, haha. kaya pala pumasok tong comment mo kasi you used your blogspot account, hmmm... i am also going to introduce you to my blogspot mommy blog :D

Jennie said...

Sis Kengkay! Ang saya saya may blogspot ka din pala. Grabe kaka frustrate tlaga predicament ko. Wala akong idea what else to do.

Kita kits din tayo dito sa blogger. Woohoo! :-)