It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just got done with one online assignment for my other blog, when I peeked through the dashboard of Blogger and saw that I have 199 posts for this particular blog. I feel so sleepy but I can't sleep just yet. It's almost dinner time and I have got to heat up some left overs for dinner. I just made buco pandan dessert and our lemongrass juice right after lunch. I checked the fridge and I still have sauteed cabbage and sinigang na liempo leftovers for viands. These will do.

My weekend cleaning lady just got in early this afternoon to do some house cleaning, for which I am thoroughly thankful. I can't get right back to stressing myself doing all these chores. I have got to get back to my bouncy self. I still cough from time to time but none of those crazy ones I used to have.

Finishing the fourth book (Breaking Dawn) of the Twilight Series was bitter sweet. I almost marathoned to the fourth book from the first book. It is just an amazing series if you ask me, a genre all its own. I am currently reading Midnight Sun. This time the love story is told from Edward Cullen's perspective.

I just remembered the books of John Eldredge's books Sacred Romance and The Journey of Desire. The innate desire of every woman to be loved like there's no tomorrow and every man's quest to pursue the one he loves. Although God's love for us is nothing like Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen's love story, no vampire and half immortal stuff when it comes to God's love for me. But truth is, my Lord loves me more than how Edward can ever love Bella. The thought is just so sweet and the realization takes me back to reality of God's love for me. It may be the queerest thing, if anything at all, for other Twilight fanatics. But that's just how it all came down to me. Stephenie Meyer is a genius. I have felt the characters hearts beating through every chapter (although most characters barely have hearts that beat).


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