I went to see my doctor yesterday. She told me that I definitely have some kind of respiratory infection from the cold virus and flu I had a couple of weeks back. I hope she knows what she's doing, because I got skeptical for a time. She did not even bother to have some lab tests done. She just listened to my chest through the stetoscope and that was it? Again, it's not surprising that she gave me another set of antibiotics. This time a stronger one. What difference is this one from the previous one? I am totally throwing away money on crappy medicines that are super expensive but does not make me well at all!

I know I'm ranting. Just allow me to rant just this once. So I need to get into bed most of the time. Fine. I got to bed as early as eight last night and I'm almost always in bed the whole day today, except at this very minute that I just got to let some ranting out.

For now I decided to take some natural medications Pei Pa Koa (the chinise meds) and BioEnzyme Plus. If this does not work by tomorrow, I will go buy the meds that were prescribed.


Anonymous said...

just curious.. did you get better with those natural meds?