You would not believe what I witnessed at the homeschool convention the hubby and I attended last Saturday. Except for the great talks by Pastor Peter and his family, there were a whole bunch of people with colds and cough! There must have been at least one person who would periodically blow his or her nose and/or cough in every row of the 2,000 capacity auditorium.

It should be the weather. With the holiday just around the corner, we have the weirdest of all weathers. One day it will be a little chilly then the next will be utter heat. It’s horrible. This should be the culprit to the flu virus mutating like crazy.

I should say that this is not uncommon. My folks who are in Houston right now said that the weather there is also as crazy. In other parts of the world people are turning on their conventional gas fires and some their contemporary electric fires. It is winter time in their place and this is the least they could do to find comfort in their home.

I suggest you check out if you would like to install one of those state of the art hole in the wall fires in time for winter.