After a whole year of relative abundance, it is this month that we really feel the stress that the recession brings. Aside from the fire insurance we renewed this year, the bulk of our income goes to bills payments from mortgage to utilities. If you would notice as well, prices of commodities continue to hike up alongside the cost of gas and diesel.

If you happen to be in the predicament of inability to pay off your loans, you might want to visit Arizona Loan Modification. It is often better to admit the inability to pay and do something about it like apply for a loan modification. This will help you in the long run as it reduces the principal balance and extends the length of term, making it possible for you to pay off bills that you are rather not able to do in the previous terms of your loan. Loan modification might just be the right step for you to take.

I just consider ourselves blessed that we had a good term when it comes to our house mortgage. We have twelve years left to pay it off . The next major expense that we have to prepare for is our son’s education. Even homeschooling can cost a lot. We only have a few more months to prepare for this. Despite the recession, life has to go on and the Lord will continue to be in control throughout this phase.